A bit about me

I’ve been working in digitally-focused roles since the mid 90s, starting as web producer, editor and creative lead in publishing and broadcasting and more recently as a content strategist and transformation specialist. 

I help clients re-define their approach to content, which could be a start-up trying to find their voice, a global business trying to do better with less or a brand needing better quality and more impact from their efforts. 
Trisha Brandon headshot


My style is agile, people-centric and insight-led. And since most of my clients need their teams to come along for the journey, I work transparently and with empathy. Providing actionable, long-term value is what drives me. 


I’ll always work with you to set clear outcomes – big or small. Typically they’ll be firm business and customer outcomes blended with softer measures, such as operational KPIs or reaching culture change milestones.

Want to chat or simply find out more? hello@trishabrandon.com